1. Question: What is the purpose of Vogue Actors?
Answer: Vogue Actors's purpose is to provide more visibility to actors, whether they are starting their career or already confirmed. Most actors found on this website are well known to the public, but some are less. We found their performance interesting, and we hope they can increase their visibility as we present some of their movies. This is an opportunity for this website audience to boost an actor's career by voting for him. This is why the information portrayed on this website may not represent the reality of the current marketability of the actors but rather the opinion of our visitors.

2. Question: Why aren't all actors listed?
Answer: The actors on this website are chosen by the management of Vogue Actors based on specific criteria. They all accomplished something sufficient during their career to qualify for our criteria. Additional actors are regularly added, but not all of them. The movies that qualified these actors are also listed as part of the actors information.

3. Question: What awards do you give?
Answer: Vogue Actors provides 3 awards: Vog'Award, Pop'Award and Junior Vog'Award. Each are awarded once a year at the beginning of the calendar year for the previous year. The Vog'Award is awarded to the actor that got the highest grade on the Vogue Actors scale. The Pop'Award is awarded to the actors which has the highest popularity by measuring the number of times his actors page has been visited.

4. Question: How many visits or what grade does an actor need to be nominated?
Answer: The number of votes missing for an actor to be nominated is indicated on the actor's page.

5. Question: Can I vote several times for an actor?
Answer: It is possible to vote several times for an actor as long as the vote is not performed by a robot or an automated system. We consider it is an expression of your strong interest for an actor if you vote several times for him. Vogue Actors reserves the right to limit or remove the votes of people who do not follow these guidelines. We also reserve the right to limit the votes to 1 per IP address if we see that this option is abused of. You can only vote once per day for a given actor. If you vote several time in a given day for the same actor, only the last vote will be kept. There are also quotas of votes per country in given time periods (15 minutes, 12 hours, 24 hours). If you exceed a quota, you will be notified. Quotas are also enforced on countries/cities/individuals that abuse the voting system.

6. Question: Where do we vote?
Answer: Each visitor can boost or deliver the coup de grace. On the actor's page, he will select a grade from 0 to 100 following the scale that is provided on each page. The average grade is printed on the actor's page.This score is used to award the Vog'Award. Each visitor can also vote for the career status. This provides a trend of the actor's career. Vogue Actors's management does not allow to vote on the career status once the actor is deceased.

7. Question: What is the VogueMeter?
Answer: The VogueMeter is displayed on each actor's page. It shows how he compares to the other actors in terms of popularity, that is how many times his page has been viewed compared to the other actors. The VogueMeter is also called rank and is used to award the Pop'Award.

8. Question: What is the Hall of Fame?
Answer: The Hall of Fame is a tribute to the past winners of the Vog'Awards and Pop'Awards. It shows for comparison the grades they got to win the awards.

9. Question: What is the Social Network Bonus?
The Social Network Bonus is awarded to the actors that are referencing vogueactors.com in the description part of their facebook or twitter accounts. As soon as our website finds out the link, a bonus is awarded. This bonus will increase over time, as long as the link to vogueactors.com remains.
1% bonus for 1 to 30 days of linking
2% bonus for 31 to 60 days of linking
5% for 120 days and more of linking. 5% is the maximum bonus.

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