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About: Health and fitness is my number 1 priority! I am open to what the world has to offer and believe that you get what you give!
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7 hours ago Retweeting from : say it isn't so! You are the only reason I keep my Showtime. I will cancel you if you cancel Gi…
7 hours ago In response to What a great show! Amazing!
1 day ago Retweeting from : super intense. Never a dull moment. Love it!!!
1 day ago In response to No word on anything? We may be done?
2 days ago In response to ok kathy, be there @ 7 ☺️
2 days ago Retweeting from : there is nothing u could do to make Jesus stop loving you. It's unconditional!! Praying for u 2 know Him better.
2 days ago Retweeting from : there is a God... he gave his son Jesus And He loves you!!!! John 3:16,17. He's a good, loving God....
3 days ago In response to Its the sock
3 days ago In response to I just started watching your show and can not believe what a great show you have! Wow! Amazing everything! Con-grates!
4 days ago Star magazine red carpet #starmagazine #brace #LA #hollywood #celebrity #vegas #brace4vegas #gigolos #sex
10 days ago Brace with Bethany #brace #lasvegas #nightlife #entertainment #hollywood #celebrity…
12 days ago From : Are you sure you are not a vampire Brace? When they send that AARP card frame it. You look great! Everybody needs a lil Brace For the Face! YOU ROCK!.
12 days ago Brace with Clare Sinclair @clairesinclaire25 #braceland #vegas #nightlife #gigolos
12 days ago d6rekiqxcqbc
12 days ago From : Think your sexy.
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13 days ago In response to Im going to make more videos starting today! Launching a new Hosting business here in Vegas!!
13 days ago Retweeting from : #FF By far the funniest member of Gigolos - never fails to make me laugh! Love this guy!…
15 days ago Retweeting from : Check out my new show "Postmortem In Vegas" premiering October 15th on #LMN Lifetime Movie Network http:/…
15 days ago Retweeting from : LAY THE HAMMER BRACE!