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About: Health and fitness is my number 1 priority! I am open to what the world has to offer and believe that you get what you give!
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31 days ago Retweeting from : Best episode EVER "Grin & Bear I!" and I keep rewatching the episode laughing.…
31 days ago Retweeting from :
36 days ago In response to Great work on your Borocca commercial Joel! Your almost as funny as me :)
36 days ago In response to Hey Berto, I am addicted to Star bucks coffee :) My friends call the locations my satellite offices :)
36 days ago Retweeting from : On season 5 first esp had a mini me dummy he is too much he should have a spin off with little b @Showtim…
37 days ago Nutrition experts say we wld need to eat 19 lbs of food per day to get the nutrition our bodies need! U need to supplement!
38 days ago In response to I dont think there will be a season 6! Looks like the Gig train got derailed
38 days ago I wonder how many condoms ate used per week in vegas? #vegas #braceland #sex #summer #bracelandtv…
38 days ago Retweeting from : Now that will be ashame Showtime will lose a lot of watchers Me for one
44 days ago In response to We are waiting to hear if we are actually doing a season 6??? F*****G game players!
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50 days ago Amp up your metabolism & burn fat! FREE shipping!
50 days ago Lose 5-10 with 15 Day weight loss cleanse & Raspberry "ripped" ketones! Summer is here! FREE shpg!
50 days ago Retweeting from : u Always number one #brace #elegantetrasgressione
50 days ago In response to We are waiting for shoot date for season 6. IF we do a season 6 I think it will be shot this fall? Late sept/Oct 1 ?
54 days ago Its on! Pre season 6 hard core training someplace in Michigan! #brace #michigan #gigolos #bracelandtv…
56 days ago In response to I have no idea whats up Labor day?
56 days ago Retweeting from : A weekend for men who want to be powerful Leaders and Role Models | |…
2 months ago Retweeting from : Your Cali crew is wishing a happy birthday to your fan Ray. Can you give a tweet back for these Gigolos? h…
2 months ago Little Lou #bracelandtv #lasvegas #pomeranian #summer #sexy #gigolos